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Sign Out of iFax and Sign Back In!
The majority of issues can be resolved by just starting a new session of iFax! Oftentimes sessions time out from inactivity or a conflict with another application you are running, and signing in again will refresh your browser and clear up any issues.
Consult Our Help Page!
Our Customer Service agents have compiled a list of the most frequent issues users call about, and have explained how to solve these problems in our comprehensive troubleshooting section. You'll find the solution to most of your problems in our Help section faster than you can dial the phone!
Read the FAQs!
For questions about signing up, eligibility, porting numbers, costs, and benefits about iFax, as well as questions about sending, receiving, and accessing faxes, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page—if you have a question, chances are we have the answer posted there!
Download the User Manual!
We have created a User Manual that will walk you through using the CREB iFax portal, step by step. If you are a new iFax user, we recommend downloading the manual (available as a PDF) to learn your way around the portal.

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If our Help section or suggestions on the left did not resolve your problem or answer your question, call us or e-mail us any time!