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General FAQs

What is CREB iFax?
What are the benefits of using CREB iFax?
How does the cost of CREB iFax compare to traditional fax machines?
What do I need to use CREB iFax?
How can I convert paper documents into documents on my computer to send with iFax?
How can I access my CREB iFax information and documents online?
Can I keep my current fax number and have it registered as a CREB iFax number?
Can I have multiple iFax numbers?
Can I have a toll-free fax number in addition to my local fax number?
Can I keep my current toll-free fax number and have it ported over to CREB's iFax Service?
Can I request a vanity iFax number?
Can I keep my fax number if I leave CREB iFax or move to another fax-to-email service provider?
I am in a community outside Calgary, can I have a fax number from my local exchange?
How do I sign up for CREB iFax?

FAQs on Receiving

How do I receive a fax using the CREB iFax service?
What email address do I use to access my incoming CREB iFax?
How do I view a fax I've received with CREB's iFax service?
Can I specify a different file format for the attachments containing the incoming faxes?
Can I have my inbound faxes sent to multiple email accounts?
How can I change my primary or secondary email addresses?
Can I receive a fax notification to my phone via SMS, when a fax has arrived?
What do I do if I receive a lot of unsolicited faxes (spam)?

FAQs on Sending

Where can I send a fax from?
How do I send a fax through my email account?
How do I send a fax from my iFax service account?
Can I send a fax from one of my secondary email accounts or some other email account?
How do I know my fax was successfully delivered?
What do I do if I receive a failed fax notification?
How do I change how many times CREB iFax will attempt to resend before failing the fax?
If my CREB iFax fails do I need to resend it?
Can I send multiple documents in one fax?
Does the iFax Service create a cover page automatically?
How do I remove the cover page when sending a fax?
How do I choose a specific fax cover page?
How do I specify the recipient if my fax is going to a shared fax machine?
How do I specify multiple fax numbers when sending a fax to multiple recipients?

FAQs on Archiving

How long are my faxes stored in the CREB iFax archive?
Do I need to do anything to index my inbound or outbound faxes in my fax archive?
Are my CREB iFaxes time-stamped?

FAQs on Voice Notifications

What are Voice Notifications?
How do I enable Voice Notifications on my account?
How do I use the Voice Notification feature with my iFax account?
When is the call placed to my fax recipient?
How do I control what time the voice call is placed?

Costs of CREB iFax

How much does the CREB iFax service cost me per month?
How many pages per month do I get?
Are Cover Pages counted towards the monthly page allotment?
How do I know if the CREB member's fax number is a registered CREB iFax number?
Are there long distance charges for sending faxes?
Are there long distance charges for receiving faxes from long distance numbers?
How much does it cost to PORT my existing fax number to have it registered as a CREB iFax number?
How much does a vanity CREB iFax number cost?
Do unsolicited (SPAM) faxes count towards my monthly page allotment?
Can I get an additional iFax account with an additional local fax number?
For further information on service costs, please consult the table below:

Current Subscriber Costs and Page Allotments
Basic iFax Account:

Local fax number for incoming faxes
Unlimited faxes between CREB iFax subscribers
No long distance charges to 40 countries, including Canada and the US
Ability to send faxes from your email account
Option for cell phone notification of received faxes
Archive of all faxes sent and received
$0.00 (paid for by CREB)
Monthly Page Allotment** (total of all sent and received fax pages)

Unlimited pages to CREB iFax numbers
200 pages to/from fax numbers not associated with CREB iFax**
$0.00 (paid for by CREB)
Overage Page Fees - Local iFax Account

Applicable only if you exceed your Monthly Page Allotment
Not applicable to faxes exchanged with CREB iFax subscribers**
2.5 cents per page
Current Subscriber Costs and Page Allotments
Toll-free iFax number

Provides subscribers with a toll-free fax number for incoming faxes,
in addition to the local iFax number received with the Basic Account
Utilizes same Monthly Page Allotment of the Basic Account
$1.00 per month
Overage Page Fees - Toll-free iFax number

Applicable only if you exceed your Monthly Page Allotment
Only on fax pages received to your toll-free iFax number
5 cents per page
Additional iFax number

Additional local iFax number with separate Monthly Page Allotment of 200 pages
Same Overage Page Fee rates apply
$5.00 per month

Long Distance Fees
Outbound Faxes Free to These Countries
Argentina China Hong Kong Luxembourg Portugal Thailand
Australia Columbia Hungary Malaysia Russia Turkey
Austria Czech Republic Iceland New Zealand Singapore United Kingdom
Belgium Denmark Ireland Norway Spain United States
Brazil France Israel Panama Sweden Venezuela
Canada Germany Italy Peru Switzerland
Chile Greece Japan Poland Taiwan
Outbound Faxes 15 cents per Page to Other Countries