Is your goal to connect your email with your fax?

Your answer is CREB iFax!

CREB iFax uses the internet to connect your email account with fax machines anywhere in the world. You do not need a fax machine or telephone line to send or receive faxes. CREB iFax enables you to send and receive faxes as attachments to email.

It is the future in real estate communication, providing flexibility, mobility, and security.

CREB iFAX Service provides you with:

  • A direct fax service replacing costly fax machines and fax lines
  • Your own fax number—send or receive directly from your email—by internet or smart phone
  • Faxes are sent or arrive as attachments to an email
  • All activites by sender and recipient are securely archived for ten years—including all attachments

The Benefits of CREB iFax


  • CREB iFax offers significant savings with cost reduction of expensive fax lines, toll charges, and fax machines. Send and receive all your faxes from your internet connection—by PC or smartphone


  • Your faxes are archived by date and time, sending fax number, and destination fax number, with all associated files.


  • CREB iFax is PRIVATE and SECURE. No prying eyes have access to important contracts laying in the office fax machine.


  • CREB iFax transfers information as fast as your internet carrier. No waiting page by page.

Voice Notifications

The CREB iFax service lets you alert your recipients by automated phone call when you have sent them a fax. To use this feature, simply add another “address” to your fax. In addition to addressing the email to, add (ex: Don’t forget the pound sign (#) in front of the phone number! Please insert the phone number in the Bcc field.

You can also specify when the phone call is made to your fax recipient. The default (if you don’t indicate a time delay) is 30 minutes after your fax is sent. To adjust this delay, just add +[number of minutes] after the phone number, and before So to have the call made immediately, type, or to have the call made in 1 hour, type

The above graphic shows an email that would generate a fax to 403-555-1234, and a voice notification call to 403-555-6789, 1 hour after the fax is sent.

Please note, the Voice Notification dialer turns off from 10pm to 7am MT to avoid disturbing call recipients late at night.

The script that your fax recipients will hear is as follows. The words in brackets will be replaced by the actual text from your fax.

Hello, this is a notification that a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board has sent a fax to [fax number]. The subject of the fax is [fax subject].

Press 1 to confirm that you have received the fax.
Press 2 if you have not yet received the fax, but would like to be called back to confirm in one hour.
Press 3 if you did not receive the fax.
Press 4 to leave a voice message for the sender of this fax.
Press 5 if you believe you have received this call in error.
Press 6 to place yourself on our do not call list.

After the call is made, you will receive an email alerting you to the menu selection made by your fax recipient. If they choose to leave you a voice message, you will receive the audio file of the message, as well as a written transcription.

Setting an Operator Number

One additional option lets your fax recipients connect to your direct phone number or mobile phone, without divulging your personal contact details to your clients. To enable this option, you simply have to register your phone number with us, and we will give fax recipients an additional menu option: “Press 0 to connect by phone to the fax sender." Our system will call the number you registered with us, and connect the two calls together. If you do not pick up, the fax recipient will reach your voicemail.

To register your phone number with us, send an email to Write ‘My Phone Number’ in the subject line, and write your phone number in the body of the email, in the following format: 403-555-1234. Do not include any other information or text in your email besides your phone number.

See the above graphic for an example.

Additional Web Portal Benefits

Do you want all your fax information right at your fingertips?

When you log on to your CREB iFax account, you automatically enter a portal that answers most questions about your faxing history:

  • Faxes sent
  • Faxes received
  • Files attached
  • Destination numbers
  • Date and time of all activities

Additionally, you can choose to send or receive faxes from the portal—or directly from your email. The choice is yours, as is the ease of use.

The Choice is Yours

The CREB iFax Portal offers effortless simplicity once logged on:

  • to SEND or RECEIVE faxes
  • to see the success of transmissions (such as confirmation of arrival to destination fax numbers)
  • Immediate access to your account information and settings
  • Ability to set up text messaging to your phone when a fax has been delivered to your inbox

Costs of CREB iFax

See significant savings in dollars and time with CREB iFax

iFax - Fax-to-Email Service Traditional Fax
No Fax-phone line required
- $0.00 per month
Fax-phone line charges
-$40.00-$50.00 per month
No long-distance to Canada, USA, and 38 nations
- $0.00
Long distance charges
- varies by firm
Paper and toner only if you print a fax
- 4 cents per page
Admin, paper, toner, and service costs
- 40 cents per page
No fax hardware required
- $0
Replacement cost of fax machine
- $50.00 to $500.00
Labour Saving
30-60 second per fax
Subscriber sends their own faxes directly from their computer.
Automatic resend.
Subscriber notified when fax delivered.
Subscriber notified on cell phone of receipt of incoming faxes.
No need to drive to office to send or retrieve a fax.
Labour Intensive
10 to 15 minutes
Subscriber and/or Administrator prepares cover page and sends fax.
Wait for confirmation or re-send.
Administrator has to deliver sent fax to correct recipient or file it.
Receive fax and copy, file, and/or deliver to recipient and other departments.