Welcome to the CREB iFax Portal!

CREB iFax Service uses the internet to connect your email account with fax machines anywhere in the world. You won't need a fax machine or telephone line to send or receive faxes. CREB iFax Service enables you to send and receive faxes as attachments to email, and the fax pages are highly legible.

  • CREB Realtors: Use the internet to connect with your important fax numbers instantly
  • Send and Receive faxes anywhere in the world from your laptop or smart phone
  • Break free from your fax machine today!

Connect for FREE

CREBiFax lets you send faxes for FREE wihin Canada, the USA, and 38 other countries. Send and receive faxes with absolute privacy and security—no prying eyes on your attachments. So simple and quick—use your laptop or smart phone and connect to the world.

Have you got the fax machine blues?

Are other agents seeing your confidential offers?
Are you tired of waiting at the fax machine for that important contract?
Does your office fax machine damage your pages or make them illegible?
Have you left the office, but need a second copy of that fax?

BREAK FREE TODAY! With CREBiFax you can:

Send faxes for FREE within Canada, the USA and 38 other countries from any internet-connected device—no fax machine is needed!
Receive, view, and forward faxes in your email inbox or on your smart phone.
Get notifications on your cell phone of all incoming faxes.